We love to create mattresses

Mattress, is the most popular product used daily.

ORION Strom offers you unique combinations of mattresses from a big variety of materials and natural products. 

The manufacturing process of the mattresses, is taking place in a large production facility constructed based on the most strict international standards. The machinery equipment as well as the experienced staff, are able to create a unique product experience. The manufacturing of the mattresses is with a primary focus, to the human and the quality of life. 

The established manufacturing processes and trust in our product, as well as the modern manufacturing equipment, are the main factors that allow the ORIONAS to fully meet the consumer requirements of the Greek and International market.

ORION Strom guarantees the quality of each product. Each product has to go through extensive quality control procedure. The staff and business partners of the company are trained to follow strict quality control guidelines. ORION Strom establishes strict guidelines for the safety, sanitation and quality of the product according to strict international standards.

The strong long term path of the company, the technology and experience that the company has, established OrionStrom as one of the top companies in the Greek market. OrionStrom single target is helping the clients. It invests in long term partnerships and has a strong network of clients and suppliers.